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Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?

    --We are open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. During the summer months, we are open on Sunday as well, just for one hour during the summer (12:30 to 1:30 p.m.) for keg pickups and returns.

Do you take appointments to look at Wedding Invitations?

     --No, you may come in to look whenever it is convenient for you!

When can I order my wedding invitations?

     --We take invitation orders every day (Monday through Saturday). We try to begin the last order at 5 p.m. because it can take so much time to work through the details. We don't want to be rushed, or to make mistakes.

Do I need an appointment to order beverages for my reception?

     --Yes, you'll want to call ahead and make an appointment with Jim. The appointment will last about an hour and you can bring anyone you want with you to help with the details. At the end, you'll leave with a written proposal. No commitment is required at the time of the appointment, but half down turns your proposal into an order with the balance being due 2 weeks before the weddng.

How much beer comes in a keg?

     --in a 16 gallon keg you'll get the following servings depending on the size glass you use

                10 oz = 256 beers

                12 oz = 216 beers

                14 oz = 182 beers

                16 oz = 150 beers

     --in an 8 gallon keg you'll get

                10 oz = 128 beers

                12 oz = 108 beers

                14 oz = 91 beers

                16 oz = 75 beers

How big is a 16 gallon keg?

    --dimensions for a 16 gallon keg are: 23 1/2 inches height x 15 1/4 inches diameter

Is there a security deposit when I get a keg from you?

     --Yes, there is a deposit on kegs, taps and tubs. They are as follows:

                 Keg, Tap (pump) and Tub- $80.00

                 CO2 Tap (with keg purchase) $250.00

                 Keg and Tap only - $60.00

These deposits are completely refundable when our equipment is returned within 3 days of the original purchase. After 3 days, late fees are incurred. The exception would be if you only get a keg with no other equipment, you may keep it as long as you like.

Do you sell taps?

    --Yes, we sell pump style taps new for $75.00. We also sell kegerator conversion kits. Turn your refrigerator into a kegerator.

How much does of keg of beer cost?

    --Please call for our current prices on kegs. 402-331-5404


If you have any other questions, Click Here to contact us!