cash bar

A lot of people see the cash bar option as a cheap alternative to hosting everything. Sometimes, it does actually work out that way, but we’ve also seen where offering a cash bar to your guests ends up costing you more money. See the following examples and how they usually play out.

Situation: You want to host beer and wine and just have your guests pay for mixed drinks.

Verdict: This is not always a money saver. Many of your guests will switch to the ‘free stuff’ when they are forced to buy their first choice.


Situation: You want to host the first hour, then go to a cash bar for everything.

Verdict: This usually turns out to be a money-saver.

The downside: EVERYONE pays for their drinks after the first hour even the wedding party, your parents and you.


Situation: You want to give out limited drink tickets to your guests, and anything they want over and above that, they’ll need to pay for.

Verdict: This also can be a money saver.

What to watch out for: Don’t bring more tickets than you’re willing to pay for. If everyone ends up using tickets all night long, this will cost you more than hosting the evening.

Even with a cash bar there are some costs you’ll incur. The price for a one-day liquor permit is $100. You’ll also be responsible for the cost of the bartenders, rental bar and you’ll also have to guarantee the bar will take in a predetermined amount of money.

If you set up an appointment with Nicole, she’d be glad to quote your event with and without a cash bar. cash bars take time and must be planned several months in advance.