About Our CO2 Tank Exchange Program

Cornhusker Beverage operates a CO2 tank exchange program for 5 lb tanks.  WE DO NOT FILL TANK ON PREMISE NOR DO WE EXCHANGE OTHER SIZES OF TANKS.

Exchanges are $25 for tanks that have been tested within the last 4 1/2 years.  

Hydrostatic (Hydro) Testing is a process where components such gas cylinders are tested for strength and leaks. Aluminum CO2 cylinders require testing every 5 years.  At the time of testing, a date stamp will be imprinted into the cylinder near the top of the tank.  See below for an example of a Hydrostatic Test Stamp Date.

CO2 Exchange and Hydrostatic Test Pricing

$25 to exchange a 5 lb CO2 tank 

$30 fee if hydrostatic testing is required

How to Exchange Tanks at Cornhusker Beverage

  1. Check to see if your tank has been tested within the last 4 1/2 years.
  2. Check to be sure it is empty of CO2 (and beer!).  The tare weight will be stamped on the side.  An empty tank should have that weight.  To check for CO2 or beer inside, you can turn the tank upside down and open the valve.  MAKE SURE THE OUTLET IS FACING AWAY FROM YOU!